Famous Hairdressers in the UK

There are a number of famous hairdressers in the UK and most of this is thanks to television. Increasingly, well known names in hairdressing such as Nicky Clarke, Tony and Guy and Charles Worthington bring out their own range of hair products and these are then advertised on television bringing the name of that hairdresser into the awareness of the general public. Hair products are big business for these stylists and there is always a new shampoo, taming gel, mousse or hair colour product coming onto the market.

From the nineteen fifties onwards names such as Teasey Weasey and Vidal Sassoon achieved fame across the western world for their unique takes on styling. Teasey Weasey, or Raymond as he was also known, was famed for his perms and for styling hair for both women and men. Vidal Sassoon was the inventor of the geometric cut as worn by designer Mary Quant in the nineteen sixties. The geometric cut was quite new at the time and since its invention has returned to the pages of fashion magazines time and again.

Today’s famous hairdressers can be seen giving customer restyles on famous daytime television programs while others prefer to wait for fame in the industry and good reports of their exclusive hairdressing salons. Most people cannot afford a Vidal Sassoon haircut but there are some good stylists out there who are well versed in copying the latest styles that have been introduced by the rich and famous. There are more good hairstylists around on the high street today than ever there were in the past. If you are lucky enough to find yourself a decent stylist then stick with them, they might be famous one day.

Many famous hairdressers have got where they are today not just because of their ability to style hair, but because of their willingness to serve the general public, whether that is hair styling or a new range of products designed ot keep hair healthy and shining. Some famous hairdressers are better at projecting a public image than others, Nicky Clarke seems to get more television time that either Charles Worthington or the people behind Tony and Guy. In spite of the fact that some famous hairdressing names are not so easily put to a face, it doesn’t seem to stop people from buying their products.

The public seem to be more aware of today’s famous hairdressers because of their product ranges rather than their skills at dressing hair. In the nineteen sixties Vidal Sassoon made his name because of the unusual hairstyles that he created at the time. While Nicky Clarke is often on television working as part of a makeover team and coming with styles that suit particular contestant’s faces, it is rare to see one of the other modern stylists doing the same thing. Some hairstylists are famous in the sense that they have a large customer base due to word of mouth recommendations but these hairdressers rarely become a focus of attention for the general public.